COSS Systems is a global provider of ERP software solutions and ERP services for the manufacturing industry. COSS ERP manufacturing solutions are fully functional and will take you from estimating, quoting, scheduling, job tracking, costing, maintenance, and inventory control to accounting and invoicing your clients. COSS has over 20 years of experience and supports clients world-wide.

The COSS team understands key technology and production issues that manufacturers face. Our team consists of individuals with extensive operational experience in manufacturing. They are market tested in project and change management and hold several accounting accreditations and certifications. COSS has the experience to guide companies from the decision, to the planning and implementation of their manufacturing management software.

The COSSERP manufacturing software has been developed as a complete system. You simply purchase a number of users without worrying about modules.

COSS has a dedicated “Live” Support team that actively addresses client issues. Through the use of telephone, fax, website and emails, clients have the ability to contact COSS at their convenience to address technical and business issues.


COSS is always looking for new team members. If you think you're right for the COSS team, contact us today at info@coss-systems.com or Tel: 1-800-961-0288.


Financing is available to make the purchase of our manufacturing ERP software easier. At COSS, we make sure we have explored all options to ensure the monthly leasing fee fits within your budget. Being creative with long term leases, deferred payments, and reasonable leasing rates makes COSS’s ERP software a partner in the success and growth of your business.

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