COSS's ERP software system is operational at numerous small and mid-sized manufacturers in the Automotive Sector, providing real-time tracking and control over costs. Automotive ERP users can identify, track and monitor costs throughout the production process while making the information instantly available to all via high quality reports. Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics accounting management software, it ensures that data need only be captured a single time. Full integration with CAD software enables automotive manufacturers to review and visually monitor each part of the job planning and production process. The Scheduling Module delivers control of product scheduling and scrutinizes activity for each job, while information is easily retrieved at the desktop. Available EDI links further integrate the customer-supplier link.

Understanding the changing needs of our Automotive ERP clients has helped COSS to achieve what many competitors failed to do – give the customer the tools they need to grow. COSS spends long hours working on the shop floor with the people who make it happen, your employees. We listen to their day to day issues and adjust ourbusiness process software to streamline their jobs. Happy employees result in happy management and profits.