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CAD Importer and Viewer

The COSSERP manufacturing management software includes a 3D CAD viewer to review designs for estimating and work-orders. This assists with documentation and viewing of CAD designs in an integrated manner. The 3D CADviewer integrates one of the most advanced viewer engines on the market into COSSERP software. Optional interpreters for CAD files from AutoDesk, Solid Works, Catia, IGES are also available. Features include 3D rotations, cross sections, and part measurements.

In addition to allowing 3D CAD data to be attached and viewed within COSS for items, Estimates and Jobs, the system can also attach bitmap graphics, MS Word Documents and URL links to files and the Internet. This allows for better documentation and future review of online electronic documents, a considerable advantage when you can add as many pictures and links as needed. COSSERP will allow you to import the BOM from your CAD software as long as the format can be adjusted into a standard format.

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