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Have you stopped to measure your manufacturing shop’s Carbon Footprint? Are you setting up and running your machinery in a way to minimize the energy you use to get your products manufactured? With COSS, your manufacturing software will assist your shop in being as green as you can be. The COSS ERP GreenPrint allows you to measure your output against the energy levels and transportation costs it takes to produce those parts. Fully graphical, you will see where you can improve and see what your true carbon footprint is each and every day.

The GreenPrint ERP Solution allows you to see the energy consumption against machine hours – and ultimately sales. You will get first hand data showing that running those extra parts instead of resetting the machine and running them later, saved you energy.

And what about being more efficient in your delivery patterns? With COSS as your ERP company, you can use Greenprint to measure freight costs against your sales to give you true indicators of how much of a footprint your company is leaving behind.

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