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COSS is committed to providing the best technical support possible and is introducing a new support policy to better serve you. This policy will bring clarity to what is included under the different levels of support. We have enhanced the options to allow you to choose the policy that suits your specific company needs.


Plan Options
COSS will offer all clients two options to choose from: Enhancement Plan and COSSERP Service Plan.


Enhancement Plan:

For clients who are comfortable with the software and only require the new builds and software enhancements that are created during the year. COSS rolls out at least 2 releases of the COSSERP product, along with minor builds per year. If you require assistance with the software, you will be billed at a rate of $250 for the first hour and an hourly rate of $195 thereafter. Partial use of an hour is billed at the full hourly rate. Payment is required prior to the work ticket being issued to the support representative. If the support department deems the issue that you are experiencing is a software issue, your payment will be refunded.

Cost: 18% of MSRP of software licenses.


COSSERP Service Plan: For clients who require support and enhancement to the product. Clients who choose the COSSERP Service Plan can contact the support department via email during business hours and receive assistance to resolve issues. Additionally, Advisory Hours provided free of charge for report customizations, training, and form generations. This plan reflects our recommendation and is the standard billing plan. These hours need to be applied during the supported year and do not role into future years.

Cost: 20% of MSRP of software licenses includes 1 Advisory hour per license


Understanding Technical Support Incident vs Advisory Services

Definition of Technical Support Incident:

Support incident (software issues) relates to problems with specific symptoms encountered while using COSSERP and Microsoft Dynamics products, where there is a reasonable expectation that the problems are caused by software. Support incidents provide reactive support that focuses on a specific problem, error message, or functionality that is not working as intended. An incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each shall be considered a separate incident.

You are responsible for implementing the procedures necessary to safeguard the integrity and security of your software and data to reconstruct lost or altered files resulting from failures.

Definition of Advisory Service:

Advisory Hours are used for Advisory Services requests to provide guidance beyond the basic “How to” advice. Typical advisory service cases focus on recommendations or best practices used to solve how-to scenarios that take advantage of COSSERP and technologies. These can include guidance for migration, deployment, development, optimization, design and implementation, solutions, scenarios, and architecture. Clients can also use advisory hours to modify forms, create smartlists, and develop reports.

Advisory Services are deducted from your available hours. The hours deducted will vary based on delivery time for customized solutions as agreed with your support rep.

Examples of Issues included in the COSSERP Service Plan, Enhancement Plan and Advisory Hours.

The following are some examples included in your Enhancement Plan:

Incidents related to software problems—Incidents caused by a confirmed software problem in COSSERP. This includes reporting software problems to us and obtaining assistance in determining if there is a possible workaround or temporary solution to the issue. After additional research, if an incident that was previously charged is determined to be a result of a software problem, the original charge will be refunded. A call or e-mail requesting that a customer's name be added to an existing problem report is free.

Ongoing incidents—Additional calls or e-mails needed to solve an ongoing issue are not considered chargeable. Ongoing incidents are assigned a case number. If you have more information about a support incident, you can locate your case number in your support history, choose update, and add additional details at no charge.

The following are some examples included under the COSSERP Service Plan.
Troubleshooting assistance— An example of troubleshooting assistance may include a situation where accounts are not in

balance or do not match. COSS will log in and assist you with understanding and solve your issue.

Mission-critical help— Mission-critical operations include system-down situations as well as situations where an operation vital to the customer's success cannot be performed, resulting in potential threats to the financial or legal obligations of the customer. An example, COSS might need to help recover data from a backup. Another example, COSS need might to correct the data behind the scenes so that the client can resume operations quickly.

System or implementation problems—you can contact support for quick assistance to explain an implementation issue. Examples of these types of problems include asking what is wrong if you are unable to launch your solution from one of your workstations when you are installing your solution. Or after installing on a new workstation you just added to your network, you are unable to launch your solution from the new workstation and are wondering what could be wrong. Another might be a quick question regarding where a setting might be changed.

Training is not covered under support. If COSS determines a support call turns into a training session you will redirected to your customer service who you can discuss needs and a quotation will be provided.

COSS Systems Corp. 1200 E. Putnam Ave. Riverside, CT 06878 - 1-800-961-0288

Loading new version of COSSERP – New versions of COSSERP are available twice a year and this is included under your COSSERP Service Plan. Additional builds are available throughout the year and clients can use their advisory hours if they would like to update their systems more frequently.

You can call into support with the case number and receive an update on what build will address the issue.

Software Enhancements – COSS encourages our clients to update us on ways that we can continually improve COSSERP. If you note an idea and think it would benefit the software, please submit your request to the support department and it will be forwarded to the programming department for analysis.

The following are some examples of Advisory Hours :

Form / Report Generation – Continuous modification to a purchase order form because it now requires additional information on the form that is being sent out to vendors. On the financial side, the software comes with basic out of the box Financial Reports. Generating additional financial reports using MS Management Reporter is a perfect use of advisory hours.

Smartlist Building – If the basic smartlist included with the system does not provide all the data required, advisory hours can be used to generate custom Smartlists to meet your needs. To do this, a product called Smartlist Builder must be purchased.

Enhanced Accounting Assistance – COSS support will provide basic assistance to the clients accounting department if the COSSERP Service Plan is employed. However times exist, where clients need COSS to work with the internal or external accountants to explain an issue or to trace an issue through the use to the software.

Install 3rd Party updates – many COSS clients benefit from the wealth of extra software tools that are offered in the Microsoft world, these do require updates from time to time.

Support Timing Based on the Type of Issue.

COSS strives to provide timely support and to be able to provide accurate delivery times for software fixes and issues. The following are the time goals that COSS maintains, and will follow depending on the type of issue supported. All support is done during 8am – 6pm unless otherwise stated. Off hours support can be arranged at $250 per hour if it is required. The time frames below reflect emails sent directly to

Renewal Policy

COSS will send the renewal support invoice to clients 60 days prior to the expiration of the current covered period.

Policy Expiration

Failure to pay the support invoice by the due date will result in no further support, including but not limited to trouble shooting, new software builds, mission critical help and software questions.

If you decide to reactivate your policy, a 20% reactivation fee based on the yearly support fee, is applicable. Additionally, the policy will be reactivated and the date set back to the original expiration date. For example, if your support policy is Jan 1 2020 – Dec 31 2020. This would mean that on Jan 1 2021 you would receive no additional support if the invoice was not paid. If you decide on Feb 1 2021 to reactive your policy – you are responsible for the reactivation fee and your new policy would be from Jan 1 2021 – Dec 31 2021.

Policy Effective Immediately – Jan 1, 2021

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