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Data Collection and Barcoding

The Data Collection Module provides essential operating information to guide future decision-making. Data Collection is a tool for improving workflow and monitoring a wide range of manufacturing information, giving you a means to respond to customers instantly. The Barcoding module automatically updates data.

COSS’ manufacturing software makes accurate information about jobs on the floor available quickly and is delivered in real time, providing manufacturers with costing, scheduling information and customer service with status information. This provides up-to-the-instant information that can be used to respond to customers and to improve performance at the core of your business.

Included with the data collection module, is a full fledged time and attendance package providing instant access to employee information. Time and attendance is designed to allow flex shifts, automatic downloads to the payroll module plus many human resource reports.


  • Different technologies for data access, including PC’s, hand held scanners and new technological interfaces such as Apple iPhones and Blackberries.

  • Feeds into job costing, scheduling and time and attendance directly from the shop floor

  • Subcontracts/outside operations can be monitored along with estimated return date and all vendor information

  • Generates the payroll hours of the floor staff and automatically downloads this information to internal payroll systems or external payroll services

  • Produces discrepancy reports for all employees that have a difference between the job hours and the payroll hours

  • Supports costing at weighted average, standard, and last-cost-received in purchasing

  • Generates shop floor routings with encoded bar codes including raw materials and operations

  • Simultaneous machine time can be tracked along with set up and run times and quantities tracked from the shop floor

  • Machine times and costing can be calculated for machines that run unattended

  • Company-wide messages can be sent to the shop via the bar-coding stations

  • Employee specific messaging provides an instant communication stream to employees

  • Job queuing informs employees of what jobs are lined up for them each day

  • Interactive data screen displays jobs currently logged on plus payroll hours for the week for shop staff

  • Lot and serial control at the bar-coding stations provides traceability of the heat number assigned to a particular job

  • Scanner-less software has been designed to be loaded on the machines that run a Windows platform

  • A series of human resource reports provide real-time employee information

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