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At COSS Systems, the Professional Services Group oversees the implementation of our manufacturing management software, ongoing skills development at our customer sites, and product and industry training.

The COSS implementation strategy is simple:

  • Develop an implementation methodology based upon a practical evaluation of your company needs and staff requirements.

  • Provide a wide range of ERP services and expertise from dedicated professionals experienced in the implementation, training and support of companies like yours.

  • Deliver resources and support that fit your organizational requirements, allowing you to stay on track and complete the implementation of your manufacturing ERP software as smoothly as possible

For each project we undertake we bring years of practical experience in various manufacturing and business organizations, detailed knowledge from the shop floor, and an understanding of the requirements of the executive offices. At COSS, we seek project management, analytical, and training staff that have implemented the software at other manufacturers, and know the issues your team face. The combination of expertise and experience is invaluable in ensuring implementation success.

While each implementation is unique, reflecting your operating conditions, the team you have to implement the software and overall timing and budget variables, we can provide a brief description of the services we provide:

Business Analysis: An organizational profile of your firm including detailed flow charts of your current operating procedures. It is produced after an interviewing process with key members of your organization.

Needs Analysis Documentation: COSS documents our findings in a detailed report. It is used as the basis of the implementation plan used by our team. This document ensures we are focused on the correct areas, and the expectations of both parties are matched. This document can be used by your company to identify and document policies and procedures.

Implementation Strategy: Identifying the areas in your company and how they may benefit most by the COSS Manufacturing software solution, we design a plan that is customized to your specific requirements and agreed-to objectives.

Implementation Manual: Creating and Building documentation of the decisions made while building the system. We produce detailed flow charts of the proposed information flow through your operation. This manual also forms a basis for upgrading your skills on the system or training new staff on the system.

Milestones: Defining measurable goals allow you to monitor the progress of the implementation.

Fast Track Implementation: Based upon your requirements we make recommendations to effectively organize your data. We save you the time and trouble of entering them into the system.