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Job Costing and Traceability

COSS’ manufacturing management software provides comprehensive job costing and job tracking capabilities. These capabilities are built into COSSERP to provide you with a management control system to run your business. Both costing and tracking activities are done in real-time, allowing users to completely monitor activity on the shop floor. Using a PC based data collection; employees on the floor scan data using very intuitive screens. The result, real time data to make short and long terms decisions regarding your manufacturing business. Information is provided in detail and in summary formats, giving you a range of reports to stay on top of your business. This information can be transferred to the web, allowing your customers a portal into the status of their jobs.


  • On line updates from the shop floor deliver real time job costs and tracking

  • Flexible system allows for manual time card entry or real-time bar-code entry or a combination

  • Single screen for checking status of job, and remaining time

  • Job status can be viewed as a Gantt Chart by customer, project or part type, depicting quantity completed and in WIP, start and completion date of each operation

  • Contact and job issues tracking

  • Note tracking by operation, date and time sensitive

  • Job cost by operation is based on either a fixed hourly cost or based on a percentage of labor

  • Parameters built into costing accommodate one employee working on multiple machines simultaneously

  • Capability to cost out machinery at overhead only, and run unattended

  • Job costing at the weighted average, standard or the actual cost if purchased directly for job

  • Work in Progress reporting, detail and summary Sample Reports:

  • Job Status displaying quantity in WIP and completed; start and completion dates by operation

  • Job listing reports, Active, On Hold, Complete

  • Listings sorted by multiple parameters

  • Work order report comparing actual vs. planned vs. estimate

  • Progress report by customer, part, job type

  • Summary comparison reports, estimate, planned vs. actual

  • Data mining, employee, date, operation

  • Detailed Job History, Work in Progress

  • Profitability by job, part

  • Multi Job value summary

  • Completed jobs, profit and loss

  • Where used report for material tracking

  • Lot and Serial Traceability

  • Manufactured parts report

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