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Traditional of all machine shops is the heavy reliance on quoting and making sure that the information in those quotes are accurate. Manufacturing ERP software from COSS is designed to quickly use information from the floor to assist with getting a quote out the door fast and accurate. This information is then seamlessly converted to a work order. Data can be gathered through bar-coding stations to present true job costing at your fingertips.

Behind our quoting software are people, who come from the shop floor so that you can be assured they understand what you are going through. We groom our employees on the shop floor with real-life customers. The result is a clear understanding of what your needs are, and over 20 years of success in the business. COSS spends long hours working on the shop floor with the people who make it happen. We listen to their day to day issues and adjust our job management software to streamline their jobs. Happy employees result to happy management and profits.

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