Rustic Metal Structure

COSS’s manufacturing ERP software constantly updates real-time records on each and every job underway. Utilizing modern barcode practices to record labor and machine time spent, the Data Collection and Time and Attendance Modules track down costs to the penny. The Scheduling and job planning features of the software enable metal fabricators to optimize production, avoid bottlenecks, quickly identify problems, and oversee the status of each job. Added to this, a highly effective, built-in reporting system ensures that everyone in the manufacturing cycle, from the shop foreman to the president, is armed with the up-to-the-minute information needed to successfully compete. If you’d like more information about COSSERP and discover how the COSS ERP Manufacturing Software can help your business, please contact us.

Behind the software are people. They come from the shop floor so that you can rest assured they understand what you’re going through. We groom our employees on the shop floor with real life customers. The result, is a clear understanding of what your needs are, and over 20 years of success in business. COSS spends long hours working on the shop floor with the people who make it happen; your employees. We listen to their everyday job planning and manufacturing issues and adjust our ERP solutions to streamline their jobs.