Multiple Report Writers

Providing you with a reporting system that takes you from the shop floor to the boardroom, COSS Systems understands your requirements to run the day-to-day business and to strategically plan the future. The COSSERP manufacturing management software control reports required on daily, weekly and monthly basis are available at your fingertips on a secure basis. These reports can then be reviewed in summary or detail. Microsoft Smartlist adds the ability to do ad hoc reporting and generate alerts based on these reports. By specifying the condition, the system can send that report directly to your home page. A brief description of the variety of reports is listed below.

Types of Reports:

  • Over 150 report views are available from quote and estimate stage to post production analysis reporting

  • Quoting tracking reports, depicting acceptance and rejection rates by customer, part type, and salesperson are built-in

  • Statistical quote reports analyzing the average acceptance time in days and the average amount of days until jobs are started from the order acceptance

  • COSS job management software reports by material and operations, providing start date, complete dates and quantity produced at each stage

  • Progress reports detailing the status of a group of jobs and project overviews

  • Employee reports for payroll and human resource functions, productivity functions and efficiency reporting

  • Executive summary reports and management exception reporting of important business measures

  • Reports can be modified by service providers without the use of source code to fit unique requirements

  • Production and scrap reports for shop and status analysis