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NCR Module

Formerly, COSSERP supported the launching of an NCR only if the workorder was active. In other words, an issue arose during production and then the ability to launch an NCR was enabled. In the latest build of COSSERP, we now allow you to launch an NCR even once a workorder is complete. With this feature, you will now have the ability to do warranty work; you’ll be able to launch the warranty Job right from the initial workorder and track all costs against it. When the warranty is complete, the workorder can be closed and the cost will be debited to a specific warranty GL account. This new feature allows you to track the warranty cost separate from the initial cost of sales account.

Similar to any workorder, you can then track notes and attachments, as well as get a full report on the true cost of your warranty work.

Here’s a tip: If you want to open an NCR for a non-workorder related operation, open a workorder, set the customer as yourself, and close the window. Now, pick up this dummy job and launch the NCR; it can be for materials testing, an initial inspection, repair on a machine – really anything that you want to track an issue with.

Hope this new feature helps!


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