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How Can Manufacturers Stop Damaging Cyber Attacks?

"'Driven by competitive pressures, manufacturers of all sizes have accelerated adoption of cloud, DevOps and other digital transformation initiatives to improve operations and gain competitive advantage, says Bryan Murphy, director of consulting services, at CyberArk. “A big part of these initiatives is the effort to update the operational technology (OT) environments that are used to run industrial enterprises. Historically, these systems were isolated from other systems, but as OT environments have increasingly become connected to IT systems and the Internet, the risk of intrusion by malicious actors has multiplied.'

Murphy adds, the pandemic has also caused a rapid shift for industrial enterprises to set up infrastructure to support remote workers, which in many cases has led to more security gaps for attackers to exploit. According a recent CyberArk survey, common work-from-home habits like password re-use using corporate devices for personal activities puts critical business systems and sensitive data at risk."

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