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Printing Machine

In addition to focusing on the technique and artistry of the printed page, today’s printers need to manage inventory levels, optimize the use of raw materials, schedule jobs to keep the capital-intensive equipment operating at peak levels, quote accurately, avoid outages, meet tight delivery schedules, and produce a product that meets customer needs. That’s why more and more printers are using COSS’s ERP applications to help them compete. The Integration capability built-in to COSS’s management software is crucial – ensuring data only needs to be entered once, and then flow seamlessly into all aspects of production. The Project Control feature enables printers to manage multiple jobs, and track both primary and by-products to optimize raw material usage – extremely valuable for those who not only print, but also assemble posters, signs or canvases.

Spending time with clients and running through their procedures over and over has made COSS’s manufacturing software of choice of the printing industry. We listen to what your staff has to say and where we can streamline, we do. This hands-on approach is unique to the software world, but at COSS - we would have it no other way.

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