Scheduling & Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning and Job Scheduling Software optimizes production throughout your shop floor. COSS Manufacturing resource planning gets jobs out on the floor and completed in the most efficient manner based on due dates, priorities, resources and capacities. The underlying methodologies minimize the amount of manipulation needed after schedules are run, yet provide the flexibility needed to handle critical jobs and shifting customer priorities. Seamless links to material planning and Auto PO generation, and real time updates from the shop floor further streamline activities and improve productivity.


  • Schedules material and operations to provide a true Advanced Planning System

  • Finite resource-forward schedulers with alternate routing, conflict and bottleneck resolution. True capacity scheduling from the department/class level, featuring 3 shift, 7 day capacity matrix

  • Individual tasks can be set for Parallel, Non-critical parallel and Pure sequential processing, accommodating discrete and cellular manufacturing as well as processes such as inline inspection

  • Material planning and requirements are set based on schedule and vendor lead times. Auto PO generation with scheduling input provides an efficient method to order materials when they are required on the floor

  • Job Scheduling priorities are based on a mathematical function using the due date for the job and the planned work load plus a user defined status code

  • Multilevel scheduler with material lead time evaluation provides an efficient route for all components rolling up into the master part

  • Graphic schedule representation includes Gantt charts and surface model load charts with selectable views by work centers, departments or the entire company

  • Color coding within the various charts depicts late, tight and on-time jobs, with zoom in capability to review details

  • Exception reporting exists for late and tight job deliveries

  • The data collection interface provides real time, on line updates from the shop floor

  • Built-in Interface to MS project allows for special project management or for reporting to customers using this standard

  • Process management software adheres to high level ISO9000, QS9000 standards

  • Jobs can be started as active, planned, or other custom status. Each status can be set be to Scheduled/Not Scheduled can be put on hold or cancelled while maintaining full history

  • Subcontracting specifications are defined in the process plan and individual lead times can be scheduled