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COSS’s ERP Manufacturing Software is in widespread use with many Tool & Die and Mold makers to control inventory, plan and schedule work, collect and track data, and to automatically transfer financial results into financial software. It can interface with computer-aided design (CAD) applications, allowing a 3D viewing of products that streamlines estimating processes and even imports Bill of Materials directly from CAD programs. By its nature, Tool & Die and Mold production is made-to-order and assemble-to-order. COSSERP was developed in the same environment, explaining its strong presence in the sector. Strong endorsements by satisfied customers are always the best proof of success.

Keeping up with the the forever changing needs of Tool & Die manufacturers has helped COSS to achieve what many competitors failed to do – give the customer the tools they need to grow. COSS’s manufacturing management software is a result of long hours of working on the shop floor with the people who make it happen; your employees. We listen to their day to day issues and adjust our production process software to streamline their jobs and make sure procedures are efficient. Happy employees result to happy management and profits.

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