Wireless Data Collection

The COSS Wireless Application is a fully integrated wireless data processing software that uses hand held devices and smart phones to connect to a database on the COSS server to execute several actions and manipulate the database without the use of a desktop computer.

The Wireless Application is a vital manufacturing solution in environments where it is necessary to collect the data from plants, bins or shelves where the quantity of items is changing rapidly and has to be continuously updated.

The Pocket PC and the COSS Server use a new XML (Extensible Markup Language) Web Service Technology as a bridge to connect and communicate the data between them.

Businesses use the COSS ERP software system and its Wireless Application to manage their operating environments, maximize their productivity and profitability while executing their day-to-day jobs.

For example, they can search, count and transfer inventory items, keep track of their Purchase Orders, Job Materials and Times in addition to making better control of their shipping and receiving departments.

All this and more can be achieved by using the COSS Wireless real-time data collection capability that provides current and accurate information updates.

Pocket PCs can use this application to search for items and purchase orders by either scanning the bar code of that item and purchase order, or by typing it in using the Pocket PC’s keyboard.

COSS Wireless consists of several modules, each of which has several sub modules that allow for a real time job update and inventory tracking. The major modules are: Login, Inventory, Purchase Orders, & Job Module.

Login: This module allows you to Log In/ Out of the system.Inventory: The Inventory Module consists of three sub modules that work together to control and manipulate the inventory database using different searching and updating procedures.

Purchase Orders: The Purchase Order module focuses on retrieving the details of all scanned or entered Purchase Orders (POs) and concurrently updating the received items in the database in a real time. It also focuses on quickly receiving the listed items in the PO.

Job Module: Works in conjunction with the COSS process management software database. It contains two different sub modules, Job Material and Job Time. The Job Material sub module has been developed to allow users to update allocated materials on jobs in Real Time mode without the need to be physically at the Inventory or Production location.