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Work Order & Processing

The Work Order module provides many advanced features inherent throughout COSS’ ERP manufacturing software, such as a flexible user interface that has been developed to fit naturally into the manufacturing environment. The work order module was designed with customer driven performance demands in mind, including the flexibility to make work order changes on the fly, access to specification databases and extensive traceability features. The work order module accommodates make-to-order or engineer-to-order and make-to-stock discrete manufacturers. Features have been developed and enhanced after years of input from the shop floor, serving a wide cross-section of industries in the discrete manufacturing environment.


  • Automatic transfer of information from the estimating module, the Configurator and/or a Sales Order eliminating duplication of entry

  • Detailed process plans and shop routers can be created from the estimate, templates or other work order

  • Detailed process plans combine the bill of material and shop operations to improve the method of manufacturing and scheduling

  • Work Orders can be made on-the-fly at any point during the manufacturing process, with true revision tracking

  • Project control is used to manage multiple jobs for status and profitability reporting

  • Copy and paste function within the detail of the work order allows you to create process plans from previously defined work orders

  • A specification library is accessible for all operations, allowing standardization and quick entry

  • Multi-level jobs and BOM with multi-level allocations are automatically created with linked job numbering schemes

  • Lot and serial control on materials and finished goods, provides full control over heat numbers and subcontracting certificates

  • Costing at weighted average, standard, and last cost received in purchasing is supported

  • Notes can be tracked at the job level and down to the operation level. All notes are stored in chronological order and allow operators to store all inspection comments online

  • Process management software adheres to high level ISO9000, QS9000, and Aerospace traceability requirements

  • Jobs can be entered for planning purposes or immediately assigned an active status

  • To reduce bottlenecks when scheduling, alternate routings can be defined by job. Alternate materials can be maintained, including weights, quantities and material sizes.

  • Subcontracting specifications are defined in the process plan and downloaded to the purchase order when required

  • Standard and custom calculators are available for materials and labor

  • Process plans can be previewed on the screen before printing and can then be printed in their entirety or in departments

  • Drawings and many other documents can be attached and controlled through here.

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