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Industry Focused Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, we've developed an expertise in several manufacturing sectors

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Lot and Serial controls are in place to guide and track quality testing, provide product traceability, and complete inventory control. COSS’s aerospace manufacturing software ensures accountability for each and every product manufactured.

​We employ a ground-up approach to development. Our staff works from the shop floor to the boardroom to understand your specific needs. COSSERP’s features are adjusted constantly to adhere to the rigorous specifications imposed by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, and we can help you achieve AS and NADCAP certification.

Metallic Pieces

COSSERP updates in real time. The Data Collection and Time and Attendance Modules track down costs to the penny, while the scheduling and job planning features of the software enable metal fabricators to optimize production, avoid bottlenecks, quickly identify problems, and oversee the status of each job. A highly effective, built-in reporting system ensures that everyone in the manufacturing cycle has access to the latest information.

Mold Making

COSSERP can interface with computer-aided design (CAD) applications, allowing a 3D viewing of products that streamlines estimating processes and even imports Bill of Materials directly from CAD programs. By its nature, Tool & Die and Mold production is made-to-order and assemble-to-order, COSSERP was developed in the same environment and understands the needs of businesses in this sector.

Race Car

Automotive ERP users can identify, track, and monitor costs throughout the production process while accessing information instantly via high quality reports. Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics accounting management software, we ensure data need only be captured once. Full integration with CAD software enables automotive manufacturers to review and visually monitor every part of planning and production. The Scheduling Module delivers control of product scheduling and scrutinizes activity for each job. Available EDI links further integrate the customer-supplier link.

Aluminum Factory

With a heavy reliance on accurate quoting, Machine Shops can greatly benefit from the real-time data that COSSERP collects from the shop floor. This data can be seamlessly converted into a workorder, which means you can focus on your business not data-collection.

Carpentry Work

COSSERP contains with many features and modules designed specifically for the woodworking, cabinetry, and door industries. COSS manufacturing software features a Job Scheduling Module to ensure jobs are scheduled, managed and completed on time.

Modern Bridge

Our front-end sales configurator allows you to configure machines by utilizing dynamic pricing. COSSERP dynamically builds BOMs (Bill of Materials) which transform into work orders once accepted. Using our custom designed configurator streamlines the entry process and ensures your unique build is transferred into production without room for error.​

COSSERP allows you to control your inventory and evaluate stock levels for spare parts and raw material. The automatic tools launch purchase and work orders to maintain adequate inventories. Real time data collection gives your staff essential data for everyday decision making.

Offset Printing Machine

Today’s printers need to manage inventory levels, optimize the use of raw materials, and schedule jobs to keep the capital-intensive equipment operating at peak levels. The Integration capability built-in to COSS’s management software is crucial – ensuring data only needs to be entered once, and then flow seamlessly into all aspects of production. The Project Control feature enables printers to track both primary and by-products to optimize raw material usage.


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