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Gone with the wind…

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my carbon footprint. Spending more time at home, focusing on my garden and cooking, has put into perspective many aspects of life that I realized can be more earth-friendly. I decided to start making changes, big and small. To start, I began composting! We discovered the majority of the waste my household creates is actually compostable, rather than sending it to a landfill it will go to a facility where it is turned into organic fertilizer. The next decision was a bit bigger, we got an electric car. I’ve needed a new car for a while now and decided to embrace the future and go green.

But my favorite change we have made is the switch to wind power. My home is now nearly carbon neutral! According to National Geographic, “over the past decade, wind turbine use has increased more than 25 percent per year.” Once erected, wind turbines have zero costs associated with them and create no pollution. This is why many businesses are making the switch too. “‘The corporate side is here to stay. I don’t see businesses stepping back,’ says Deloitte’s Motyka. In a recent Deloitte analysis, more than 55 percent of companies report generating some of their electricity on-site, 13 percent of which comes from solar panels or wind turbines.”

Businesses can save money going green, “We’ve moved past this concept that business versus the environment is a tradeoff,” said Tom Murray, an advisor for emissions reduction at Environmental Defense Fund, whose clients consist of giants like Walmart and Mcdonalds. He explained that through innovation which reduces the use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources, many businesses are seeing positive effects on their bottom lines.

There are many actions we can take to move towards a greener world. If we all start working towards it now, the planet will thank us.


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