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  • Nico Heyman

Unmasking the Halloween Manufacturing Trends

Halloween kicks off the fluctuation of seasonal manufacturing needs, where tricks of the supply chain and obstacles of shifting consumer patterns lurk in shadows. But it's not all scary; emerging business trends build success in this mystical season, and culture sways the consumer desire, and dictates costume party dress code.

Some seasonal trends are tricky:

Eerie Supply Shortages

Many manufacturers struggle to obtain the necessary parts to keep production running smoothly. With 90% of traded goods transported by sea, waiting for materials to be processed and shipped to manufacturing plants can cause significant order congestion.

Frightening Quality

With supply shortages, the pressure to meet demands increases, but quality must remain a top priority. It's crucial to work at a sustainable pace, and optimize machine utilization for the production of high-quality items. Keeping open lines of communication across all departments will help catch errors early as possible.

Mysterious Visibility

What’s scarier: something lurking around a dark corner or being uncertain about your businesses operations? Do you know your current inventory? Any idea if any of your machines might break down soon? How swiftly could you target the root cause of a problem?

These concerns are tricky to address, especially in a world filled with uncertainty, and they are nearly impossible to overcome without integrating technology that will work with your current models of production. Stop working overtime to manually update spreadsheets. Invest in a solid ERP software to make sure problems don’t sneak up on you.

The treat is, it doesn’t all have to be so daunting. New cultural influences joined with business trends change consumer preferences and usher in success. Several major retailers have been offering Halloween merchandise since July, with decorations surpassing costumes in popularity. It is estimated that only 43% of Halloween decorations are reused from the previous year, with the remaining need being the driving force behind manufacturing needs.

Accelerated trends around Halloween is evident, with early shipments of seasonal products becoming the norm. The shift in consumer spending patterns influences the behavior and decisions of manufacturers and retailers internationally. Adapting to a changing landscape, making strategic decisions to meet consumer demand effectively takes a complex system. The bright side is, COSS Systems offers a range of solutions with ERP Software to keep logistics sweet like candy.

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